Gone Phishing

10 ways to avoid phishing scams

10 ways to avoid phishing

If you’ve ever been fishing, then you know that it is a peaceful experience.
But if you’ve ever been “Phished” then you can attest that
is not a pleasant situation to be in. Phishing is the act of an assailant accessing
the personal information of others with the intention of committing fraud.

Here at CNC, we have compiled a list of 10 ways to not get hooked by a Phisher.

  1. Invest in Email, Spam and Anti-Malware Tools.
  2. Communicate only via phone or trusted websites.
  3. Don’t click on suspicious links in emails from unknown senders.
  4. Don’t open attachments in emails from unknown senders.
  5. Never email personal or financial information.
  6. Never enter personal information in a pop-up window.
  7. Use a reputable anti-virus software.
  8. Identify fake phone calls.
  9. Never download files from unreliable sources.
  10. Utilize Google Chrome’s safety tool called Password Alert which notifies you if your google password has been compromised.