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Cybersecurity in 2018 – The Human Element

Many people think of cyber security as a specialized skill set handled by that one smart guy you hire to handle it, but as the world progresses, we find that you can’t just rely on someone else to be your sole gatekeeper for your entire computer system.  As cyber-security experts have gotten better and better
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KRACK Vulnerability Compromises WiFi Devices

October 16th 2017, US-CERT publicly disclosed a vulnerability at the core of the WPA-2 encryption protocol.  This vulnerability affects nearly every modern encryption configuration used for transmitting information across the internet, especially Linux and Android devices. The KRACK exploit was discovered by security researcher Mathy Vanhoef before it could be implemented for widespread misuse; however, now that this
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Equifax Credit Bureau Hacked

Equifax revealed on Sept 7th, 2017 a data breach that compromised the personal information of 143 million users.  This breach is reported to have exposed a number of sensitive pieces of personal information including Social Security numbers, birthdays, driver’s licenses, credit card numbers, and credit dispute documents. To find out if your information has been compromised,
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Hurricane Evacuation for your Business

Evacuation Preparation In light of the storms heading toward the Gulf of Mexico, ComSolutions wanted to share a few reminders to help make things a little easier when an emergency arises. Please note the following.  If you are bringing your server or computer equipment with you or just want to leave it in place,  please
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3/31 is World Backup Day!

March 31st is World Backup Day, but it’s important to backup more than one day per year!  Here’s why. Data can be lost in a number of ways including: Operating systems crashes Data corruption Hardware failures Lost or stolen devices Natural catastrophes including fires, flooding, etc. Viruses Accidental file deletion Failed or incompatible upgrades, patches,
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E911 Compliance

CAN EMERGENCY RESPONDERS FIND A 911 CALLER IN YOUR ORGANIZATION? E911 Legislation and Compliance As of 2017, your company or institution can be legally liable for 911 calls that fail to provide the correct location of the caller.  As of December 31, 2016, if your system does not meet these standards, you have a legal
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Yahoo Hacked – 500 Million User Accounts Affected

Yesterday, Yahoo confirmed claims that 500 million user accounts were stolen as of a 2014. The data that was compromised includes names, emails, passwords, telephone numbers, and the answers to account security questions. If your account is one Yahoo suspects was compromised, you’ll be prompted to enter a new password as soon as you log on. If you use the
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CNC Alert – Malware/Ransomware

With the increase in frequency of Malware and Ransomware attacks over the past few months, we felt the need to make our clients aware of this threat and offer a best practices summary to assist our clients in defending their networks. What does it look like and how does it work? There are different types
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Option to block Windows 10 Upgrades

  Microsoft has been getting more and more aggressive with their upgrade to Windows 10, but it is important to make sure that all of your important programs are compliant with Windows 10 before going through with the upgrade.  This is very important since there are a number of mainstream and proprietary business applications that have known compliance
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Web Accessibility & the Law

The legal requirement of websites to be handicap accessible has been a point of hot debate since the 90’s, but in August of 2016 (This decision has been deferred until 2018), that debate is finally expected to take a major turn in favor of our handicap community by requiring most websites to adopt the same
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Uninstall QuickTime for Windows

Since Apple officially pulled support for Windows QuickTime earlier this year, two major vulnerabilities have been discovered that significantly compromise the security of any Windows machine that currently uses QuickTime player.  While the discovery of such vulnerabilities is not uncommon in the IT industry, in most cases the publishing company will quickly release updates to fix these
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Gone Phishing

If you’ve ever been fishing, then you know that it is a peaceful experience. But if you’ve ever been “Phished” then you can attest that is not a pleasant situation to be in. Phishing is the act of an assailant accessing the personal information of others with the intention of committing fraud. Here at CNC, we