Outlook 365

For years, it used to be that you either had to choose between cheap and unprofessional cloud based email solutions or you had to invest big bucks in a private email Exchange server.  When Outlook 365 came out, it offered the best of both worlds.  It’s an affordable cloud based solution to your email needs with all the power and options of an Exchange server.

Unified Communication

Office 365

As time moves on though, many companies are finding that email alone no-longer meets the  expectations of their clients.  In today’s market, one-size fits all solutions are in decline, and clients and employees alike have expectations that they will be able to choose the best medium of communication to fit their needs.  Being a fully integrated platform means that Office 365 blends a variety technologies which allow your business to engage in business grade email, telecommunications, video chat, social media, document management, and project collaboration all under a single umbrella of services.

Do I still need IT support?

While it is true that the individual features inside of o365 have gotten easier to learn and manage over time, the sheer volume of options have grown so much, that quality IT support is just as important as ever.