Option to block Windows 10 Upgrades

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Microsoft has been getting more and more aggressive with their upgrade to Windows 10, but it is important to make sure that all of your important programs are compliant with Windows 10 before going through with the upgrade.  This is very important since there are a number of mainstream and proprietary business applications that have known compliance issues with this new OS.

Since Microsoft began offering free upgrades last year, reverting Windows 10 upgrades have become one of our most common tech support calls.  In many cases these were the unintentional result of Microsoft’s automatically scheduled upgrades.  There are several reasons why people have chosen not to go to Windows 10 just yet, but from a business perspective, the process of updating and then reverting Win 10 can cause a lot of down time.

If you have decided that your company would not benefit from upgrading, we have a couple of solutions that can disable Windows 10 upgrades on your machines until YOU are ready to make the switch.  The ideal solution, if you are running Windows Pro, is a server level patch that will disable the upgrade dialogues across your network.  Our remote technicians can also log into individual machines to prevent updates, we just need a list of those employees and a means of contact.

Love it or hate it, Windows 10 is eventually going to phase out 7 & 8, but this migration process should be done on your terms after your company has had the opportunity to prepare and test for the upgrade. Not because Microsoft decided to arbitrarily pick your name out of a hat.

If you are interested in blocking Windows 10 upgrades, give us a call at 504-224-9475 and we can do the rest.