Spy Code – Data Encryption

CNC encryption lock

lock encryption

Let encryption transform information on your computer as unreadable to everyone except those with the code or key. Think of it as a secret spy code. Using algorithms, the information is transformed into an unreadable scramble of letters and then decoded to those who have the key into readable words and information.

Encryption is mandatory for keeping information secure and more sensitive data is being stored in computers, sent over the internet in emails or on the internet while using account numbers. What allows us to bank securely over the internet is encryption.

More businesses are also moving towards bring your own device (BYOD) or are using mobile devices in general and this means those devices are storing corporate information.  Since people often use their computers or devices to perform a number of secure tasks, they risk security breaches with those items. If that device is lost or stolen it adds an even higher risk. Should encryption be part of your company’s security?