Hurricane Evacuation for your Business

Hurricane Evacuation for your business

Hurricane Evacuation checklist for your business

Evacuation Preparation

In light of the storms heading toward the Gulf of Mexico, ComSolutions wanted to share a few reminders to help make things a little easier when an emergency arises.

  • Please note the following.  If you are bringing your server or computer equipment with you or just want to leave it in place,  please be sure to follow proper shutdown procedures. Remember that it is never safe to power a server off without following a specific protocol. To prevent damage, there is a specific order in which your equipment should be shutdown. If you’re unaware of how to shutdown your server or equipment orderly,  CSI would be happy to assist. Please call our office at 504-224-9475 Ext 2 or email to schedule a call or an on-site appointment.
  • If you plan to work while out of town, here is a basic kit that can make working on the road easier:
    • Plastic storage bin to carry the following
    • Extension cord / surge protector
    • Network switch and RJ45 patch cables
    • Wireless router or WiFi HotSpot
    • External drive(s) or NAS unit that we have identified.
    • A list of all of your vendors, customers, and primary points of contact
    • A copy of your insurance policies, agents phone number, and your business checkbook in the event of relocation.
    • Setup an employee social media page for emergency communications
    • Call ComSolutions at 504-224-9475 Ext 2. with any questions
  • If you already have a cloud disaster-recovery plan with CSI, please call us so we can schedule a phone interview or appointment to review this. Remember to stay safe, keep us informed of your plans, and keep our contact info handy should you need any assistance.