Keeping XP Leaves You Exposed! Oh my….

XP grave


The world is going to end on April 8, 2014! The XP world, that is. It’s now time to update to the latest version of Windows. Sure, you can still use Windows XP, but do you want to risk it? Microsoft support will end for XP, the security updates will end for XP and then your PC will be exposed to risks such as: security and compliance, resulting in control failure and suspension of certifications. The risk of keeping XP will not allow you to add new software – as many program manufacturers will not support Windows XP. Do you have Antivirus software? Will it be able to continue the secure protection you have been afforded in the past? No, and your PC will still be exposed even if you run an up to date malware solution.

Perhaps you should determine how old that PC is and whether now is the time to buy a new one with a modern operating system. (just saying)